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Posted by IcyDeath - November 15th, 2008

i love the smell of rebirth on newgrounds :)

i love everything again, i had some hard time with my now ex girlfriend
so i lost the will to make music...

but no fear, im back to kick ass :]

my come back song is Cworks Rebirth
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /187404

This is just to let ya know im back with some new stuff :)

hope your happy with my come back xD
if not, see if i care :D just enjoy the damn music lol

Posted by IcyDeath - March 3rd, 2008

I'm going back again, but i wont make music under Icy Death anymore, im going for a fresh restart, this account will be fully INACTIVE, but the music still apply that its mine, but free for others to use in games or just for listening pleasure..

Well welcome back me please lol

Later i will edit this post to release my new artist name.

Helloooooo Newgrounds! im gonna kick some dirty music ass :3

ID back with pride!

Oh im also taking requests of songs, will include the name to the song who suggested it :)

Posted by IcyDeath - March 2nd, 2008

Due to relationship problems i will not be able to submit music to newgrounds again..

Unfortunatly i have to say goodbye to the community, it has been fun, but i need to move on... Maybe, just maybe i will return, but its very unlikely.
I would like to thank you all who supported me at my work, specially Queezer who also is found on newgrounds.

Hold on tight to the things you want most, make them come true, furfill your dreams and wishes...

Take care of each other, goodbye newgrounds.

Icy Death

Going to stop with newgrounds :(